1. Click + in Upper Right Corner
  2. Click Sign-up
  3. Click Volunteer
  4. Click Invite Select a group >
  5. Click Desired Group(s) or Custom to Select Specific Families
    1. If Custom was Selected
    2. Click a Group That Includes the Desired Kid(s)
    3. Select All the Desired Kid(s)
  6. Click Done
  7. Optional Edit Alert Method (This is only for the creation, Reminders always send push and daily email)
    1. Push & Daily Email - Sends a push notification now to all parents with a child in the invited group that have the app installed and include the event in the daily email
    2. Push Only - Same as #1 but excludes the event from the daily email
    3. Daily Email Only - Same as #1 but excludes the push notification
    4. Urgent Email & Push - Sends a separate email immediately to all parents with a child in the invited group and a push notification to those that have the app installed
    5. None - Item will only appear in the Parent Planet App; No alert is sent upon creation.
  8. Enter Title
  9. Optional Enter Location
  10. Optional Select All Day if Applicable
  11. Select Start Date and Time
  12. Select End Time/Date if Needed (Default is 1 hour after Start Time)
  13. Optional Select Repeat
  14. Optional Select Reminder
  15. Optional Select 2nd Reminder
  16. Optional Toggle Require RSVP if Desired
  17. Optional Enter Notes/Message
  18. Click Next in Upper Right
  19. Enter Volunteer Item Name (For example: “Main Course“ if the Event is a Potluck
  20. Enter the # of Parents that You Would Like to Volunteer for the Item
  21. Optional Click +Add more volunteer items and repeat Steps 16 - 18 as Needed
  22. Click Done in Upper Right